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Pixel Cookers

Redmine Theme


Bored by the default Redmine theme and after using the Watersky theme for a while, we decided to create our own. The first challenge was to create a nice theme better corresponding with our spirit, the second was to completely change the look and feel without touching one line of HTML.

After this little presentation, you can't wait ? So download the theme now :



This theme is compatible with the latest Redmine version v2.4.x. It is tested and supported in major modern browsers like Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Firefox. For older versions, please check changelog and github tags.

Tested and supported in Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Firefox
  • Latest Safari
  • Latest Google Chrome
  • Latest Firefox
  • Internet Explorer 9+
  • Opera 11

Special thanks

We used full or part of some icon sets or css projects.

Plugin styling

Basic method

  1. Download the theme


  2. Unzip it into ../public/themes/. This would result in a directory-path to application.css like:


  3. You now may need to restart Redmine so that it shows the newly installed theme in the list of available themes.
  4. Go to "Administration -> Settings" -> "Display" and select your newly created theme in the "Theme" drop-down list. Save your settings.
  5. Redmine should now be displayed using the selected theme.

Git method

  1. Go to your Redmine root folder
  2. Launch the following command

    git clone git:// public/themes/pixel-cookers

  3. Follow the steps 3 to 5 from the basic version

There are some configurations you can do to make this theme your own.


  1. At the beginning of colors.less you will find all color variables.
  2. Modify it, and put the colors you want.
  3. Recompile the file with grunt. You will need to run npm install before using grunt.


  1. At the end of application.less, uncomment the last line.
  2. Look at the images folder and put your logos, change the pixel-cookers.less file to fit your needs.
  3. Recompile the file with grunt. You will need to run npm install before using grunt.


You can find the following configurations in javascripts/theme.js.

Add distinction for private issues #24
Fixes very long project names #16
Autofocus on time input when on time_entries/new #17
v3.0 (Redmine v2.4.x compatible) Major realease
Complete redesign
Grunt is used for less compilation
Less images, more css3
Password generator remove since redmine include once
Add compatibility with Redmine Banner Plugin
Vertical scroll added to the left panel (thanks to dbarabash)
Almost all colors are in colors.less and are in variables
Better way to brand the theme
Bug fixes and small improvements
Stopwatch improvements
List style modified
Better style for pre and code
v2.1 Major features
Javascript stopwatch in order to track time easily
Javascript password generator in user creation page
Javascript changed to be compatible with jQuery (thanks to yuters)
Progress bar fixed
Priority colors compatible with redmine 2.2
Add compatibility with new favourite_projects plugin
Bug fixes
v2.0.1 (Redmine v1.4.x and v2.0.x compatible) Last 1.4 compatible version
Responsive ability in 1024px
iDevice icons added
Bug fix and small improvements
v2.0 (Redmine v1.4.x and v2.0.x compatible) Major realease
Complete code refactoring (alphabetical order, readability, trailing whitespaces)
Complete rewrite in lesscss (compiled with WinLess)
Contextual menu style improved
Use of gradients instead of images (unused images removed)
Many fugue icons added
Editor style modified with fugue icons
Many improvements
Bug fixes
Wiki headers refactoring
Wiki style improved
Use of the new Redmine theme feature : javascript file added to show/hide the sidebar with a button
Sidebar state saved in cookies
Bug fixes
Better h2 style in wiki
Add css transition on menu items
Fields focus render modified
Bug fixes
v1.2 (Redmine 1.0.0 compatible) No more compatible with older versions
Left menu reorganized
Readability enhancement
Icons modified to fit better with items
No more bugs in left menu
Lastest Redmine version compatibility
Easy way to change color set (Commented example provided at the end of the stylesheet, thanks Brendan)
Empty external options menu on top removed
Links area are bigger
Some improvements in the project view
Links in the top menu are lighter
Initial release

The Pixel Cookers Redmine Theme was developed by Pixel Cookers. If you want to contact us feel free to use the contact form on our website.

The proud author of this theme is Ludovic Meyer.

This theme is hosted by GitHub :